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−Recycling Technology for Dredged Soil−
Pneumatic Tube Mud-Mixing System ‘Snake-Mixer Method‘
Characteristic & Merit The Snake-Mixer Method was developed as a means of recycling dredged soil. This method is to harden dredged soft soil into a material to utilize for land reclamation.
The mixing process is carried out during the conveyance of soft soil and stabilizing agent injected in pipeline by means of pneumatic force.The newly developed Snake-mixer facilitates the mixing of soft soil and stabilizing agent by making use of its unique bended configuration.
・Enables the effective use of dredged soft soil.
・Enables the production of homogenous hardened soil.
・Enables faster use of reclaimed land,because it does not require any improvement of the ground after reclamation.
・Can be used with existing pneumatic conveying vessels and ordinary equipment such as concrete pumps.
・Can be used for small-scale works as well as massive works and long-distance conveyance.
・Enables dredging,hardening,conveyance,and reclamation to be combined in a single integrated piping system.
Detail of development,
Patents,utility models,
Circumstantial obtain
Detail of development
・1996:A study of hardening system by pneumatic conveying is launched.
・1997:The experiment with various types of mixing system including Snake-Mixer.
・1998:Full-scale testing in the field with Snake-mixer.
Patents,utility models,Circumstantial obtain
`kneading equipment in pipe` Patent [JP,2950807,B]
Date of grant : 9.7.1999
Actual results of works Experiment conducted to confirm the method
・1997:Experiment Conducted to Confirm the Pneumatic Tube Mud-Mixer System.
Field test
・1998:Conveying Field Test of Dredged Soil.(Fushiki Toyama Port           Construction Office,1st District Harbor Construction Bureau,Ministry of Transport)
・1999:A Comprehensive Experiment in the Actual Ocean area(the 3rd Port Island of the Nagoya Port )
Example usages of this method
・1998:Dredged Waterway in Fushiki Toyama Port(1st District Port Construction Bureau,Ministry of Transport)
・1999:Covering the Backside of a Stone Embankment Foundation in the 3rd  Island of the Nagoya Port Under the Jurisdiction of the 5th District Port Construction Bureau,Ministry of Transport
・2000:Dredged anchorage area in Kushiro West Port (Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau)
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