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Pneumatic Flow Mixing Method:Pipe-Mixing Method
Characteristic & Merit 【 The feature of Pneumatic Flow Mixing Method 】
(1)Solidification processing of soft dredged clay can be carried out, and it can use effectively as reclamation material, or shore protection and back-fill of  revetment.
(2)Only by installing solidification material addition equipment in the existing pipe line, solidification processing can be performed easily.
(3)Extensive and rapid construction are possible.
(4)The time necessary for completion of reclamation can be shortened sharply.
【 The feature of モPipe-Mixing Methodモ 】
(1) The quantification of the amount of addition and the control of the variation in the degree of which were made into the subject of the conventional method of construction were solvable.
(2)Since the volume and speed of a plug style are detected and the solidification material of predetermined quantity is added with sufficient timing only to a plug by the solidification material slurry
(3) Since solidification material is injected from the inside of a plug and the Pipe-Shower itself serves as mixing equipment by the メPipe-Showerモ solidification material addition system.
(4)Even if it adds near the end of a line, sufficient effect can be acquired, there is little pressure loss, and there are few falls of construction capability.
Detail of development,
Patents,utility models,
Circumstantial obtain
【 Circumstances of development 】
In recent years, Pneumatic Flow Mixing Method economical to solidification processing of dredge clay attracts attention.
From 1998, solidification material addition by model experiment and the research of a system were advanced, and the Pipe Mixing method was developed.
【 Patents 】
The additive pouring method and additive pouring equipment.(Under application)
Actual results of works 【 Actual proof experiment 】
・Model experiment (1997)
・Field Test (1998)
・Construction examination (Nagoya harbor 1998)
【 Construction example 】
・Construction with back-fill of revetment (Nagoya harbor 1998)
・Construction of reclamation(Shin-Onoda harbor 1999)
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