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Application form of new materials and recycle techniques
A name of new materials and recycle technique
“W-Tube Mixing Method”
Technique for recycle dredged materials by means of mixing and kneading of soil and coagulant materials by flow through double pneumatic tubes of curb and straight
Characteristic & Merit ・ Sufficient kneading:The dredged soil and the cement slurry will be mixed and kneaded by turbulent flow at the both front and rear of clay plug.
・ Acceleration of mixing effect:Dashing of the clay plugs against an 1nner-wall of tube and among plugs will facilitates strong mixing.
・ Great mixing volume in a short period:The resistance of flow will be reduced due to no protuberance inside a tube nor obstruction of install ting tubes as a simple structure.
・ Advantage of long distance delivery:A short interval of the mixing of the soil and cement slurry in a tube and supplying coagulant close to the outlet will minimize a risk against flow blockage inside tube.
・ Homogeneity mixing:This system is controlled by “The Management
System for Addition of Coagulant Slurry”to be supplied cement slurry appropriately and timely.
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Details of development:
Various experiments and investigations has been conducted since 1998 for the purpose to utilize the dredged materials produced from channel and mooring areas effectively. This system,“W-Tube Mixing Method”is confirmed to facilitate to mix and knead the soil and the cement slurry not only in large quantities but also at low cost as result.
Through further experiments to improve a precision of the adding volume of the coagulant slurry and the timing it into clay plugs, a management system enable to control both supplying coagulant slurry properly and mixing homogeneously is developed in 1999.
This system has been confirmed its sufficient performance at project sites practically.
Patent:Yes (Tokkyo No.2866082)
Actual results of works Project:


Dredging for Quaywall at Nishi-5
ku, Nagoya port (Variation) Ministry of Transport, Japan Excellent

(F/Y) Channel dredging at Fushiki-chiku,
Fushiki-Toyama Port Ministry of Transport,
Japan Excellent

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