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The pneumatic conveying method of the sediment equally mixed with coagulant slurry
(The method of the pipe mixing process)
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The special feature of this method is pneumatic conveyor system and the place where coagulant slurry is added. As we add coagulant slurry of fixed volume per sediment, we will be able to generate processed earth with mixing effect.
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For utilizing the pneumatic system of メFujin-maru (capacity of pneumatic conveyor: 1,000m3/hモ), our large-scale pneumatic reclaimer, we have been researching and developing for the purpose of following four things.
1.Processing rapidly in great volume for early use of reclamation site
2.Making sure of stability (homogenous strength) of processed earth
3.Effectively using (recycle) of dredged sediment
4.Cut down of expenses
Actual results of works January 1998:Laboratory test (we used the equipment of pneumatic conveyor with 75m3/h and added the coagulant slurry of 50~100kg/m3.)
December 1999:Actural site test in the 3rd Port Island of Nagoya Harbor (then, we used the メFujin-maruモ as the pneumatic reclaimer.)
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