Non- Profit Organization Recycle Solution
Application form of new materials and recycle techniques
A name of new materials and recycle technique
The asphalt mat for the scouring privation of ocean structures
Characteristic & Merit The asphalt mat for the scouring privation of ocean structures with recycled aggregates.

Detail of developmentC
PatentsCutility modelsC
Circumstantial obtain
We have developed this since 1962 under the guideline of the Ports and Harbors Bureau, and have established a technique for the examination of stability of the asphalt mat.
We took out patent for materials and the process of construction.

Actual results of works This works as basic protection of ocean structures, such as breakwaters, dikes, piers, submerged breakwaters, and mooring seawalls, and more.
The effects have been confirmed by fact-finding.
We have a large number of actual results of construction.

Company name Japan Sea Works Co.,Ltd.
Member classification .organization
Address Zip code 107-0052
2-10-9 Akasaka minato-ku Tokyo Japan

Name of representative Kazuhito Fujita
Official title The president-director
Person in charge
iposition in chargej
Kunio Tasaki
(Engineering-works part general manager)
Belonging positionE
official title

Engineering-works part general manager
Attached list Technical data (A|… |1) The asphalt mat for the scouring privation.
Technical date (A|… |2) Scouring and countermeasure of the seabed by the screw flow.