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Plug Magic Method to recycle soft dredging soil.
(In-pipeline Mixing Solidification Method of soft-mud)
Characteristic & Merit This is one of solidification treatment methods in order to recycle dredged soft mud such as filling material for reclamation by mixing cement with the soft-mud in a transfer pipeline.

This method is to solidify soft mud, by mixing cement directly to soft mud, during air-pressured transferring in a pipeline with mixing effect of plug flow.

Especially, this method is characterized by the procedure to mix cement to soft mud with constant quantity, by creation of turbulence when plug flow breaking at the enlarged pipe section part of a pipeline.

Plug Magic method simplifies the necessary equipment and facilities, without mixing plants and solidification treatment vessels etc., thus, makes the operation economical.
Detail of development,
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Circumstantial obtain
1992: Development of the continuous solidification treatment system, employing plug flow started as a simplified soft-mud treatment method.
1993: Experiment to supply cement to plug flow directly. Result showed no remarkable strength.
1994: Various experiments about systems of cement adding.
1995: Development of large-scale treatment technology with poor mix ratio of cement became a fundamental concept. The effectiveness of application of an enlarged pipe was found by a model experiment.
1996: In-situ experiment with 60 m 3 / hr scale confirmed the creation of enough strength of treated soft mud.
1997: Study on a fundamental performance of in-pipeline mixing solidification method of soft-mud was performed. In-situ experiment with 200 m 3 / hr scale confirmed obtaining enough strength of treated soft mud.

Patent application situation:
Japanese patent laid-open publication 姨ei8ミ150332 "Admixing method of agents to soil "
Japanese patent laid-open publication 姨ei9ミ255150 "Admixing method and equipment of agents to air-pressure pipe"
Japanese patent laid-open publication 姨ei811ミ81370 "Admixing method and equipment of agents to soil in air mixed pressure pipe "

1998: Ministry of Transport granted "Certificate of Evaluation on Private Technology on Harbor Works ".
Actual results of works Experiment:
April, 1996 : 60 m 3 / hr scale, total soil volume 150 m 3, transferring distance 140 m ~ 270 m
July, 1997 : 200 m 3 / hr scale, total soil volume 500 m 3, transferring distance 400 m ~ 460 m

Field Test:
April-May, 1998: Back filling work at Nagoya Port, Third Port Island. Total soil volume 1,500 m 3
June-September, 1998: Transferring work of dredged soil at Fushiki Toyama harbor (Fushiki district), Total soil volume 300 m 3
-October, 1999: Yodogawa left bank infrastructure reinforcement ( II ) Experimental work, total soil volume 195 m 3

Real works:
June-October, 1998: Back filling work at Section-B, Nagoya Port, Third Port Island. Total soil volume 32,000 m 3

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Attached list 1. Summary of Plug Magic method
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6. Plug Magic method
7. "Certificate of evaluation on private technology on harbor works " granted by Ministry of Transport