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BN Soil Technology
Characteristic & Merit Method of reconditioning excavated soil from construction sites for reuse purposes
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The BN Soil Technology has been developed for the purpose of producing reusable soil out of the soil excavated and collected from construction sites.
The reconditioned products meet various use-purposes
Up to 98% of the excavated soil is turned into reconditioned soil.
Year after year the use of BN reconditioned soil in road construction is more often specified by government authorities than ever.
The in-house operation of the BN Soil technology is now proven to be cost effective.
Being environmentally non-polluting, the system plant can be built in the urbane area so that transportation cost may be minimized.
The BN Soil technology is available for either licensing or franchising.
Actual results of works Product type BN-1 for the backfilling purpose in laying water and drainage pipes
Product type BN-2 for the top layer in constructing temporary roads
Product type BN-3 for the farmland use
Product type BN-4 for roadbeds and embankments
Company name BN,Inc.
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Address Zip code 453-0865
7-113,Shiohama,Hekinan,Aichi Pref.,Japan
Name of representative Takashi Yamamoto
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Kazuyoshi Yamamura,
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Business Dept.
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